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I'm a bit annoyed with Vm,

I was due an upgrade on my 3 phones, so I called them with a list of the phones I wanted.

I was promptly told that I had failed the credit check .

I understand the implications of this as I used to work in retail finance, and if I was a new customer it would understandable.

Given that I have broadband , tv, landline and mobile with vm , and have been a customer since before it,s inception, I find it strange that they refused me as they have my full payment history over several years.

My credit rating is the same now as it was when I started my previous contract 24 months ago.


Any thoughts? 

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Re: upgrade

A similar thing happened to my dad. After speaking to several people at virgin I was told that is several credit checks were made in a short period of time the system would fail them automatically. There was nothing wrong with my Dad's credit and they had to give him a free pay as you go sim for 3 months until they could set up a contract for him. 

Strange but true!!

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Re: upgrade

Hi Piggo64,


I'm really sorry to hear you failed a credit check Smiley Sad


We want to do all we can to make sure this is sorted for you. Please give us a call on 789 or 0345 6000 789 and we'll get on the case.


Let me know how you get on.





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