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turned down

I was taking a new contract out with yourself and was denied two I phone 6s. I am not sure how this has happened as I have direct debits set up and I have never missed any form of payment.  I recently moved address on 01/09/15 therefore I am not sure if this has affected me. Would you be willing to look at my account and re do a credit check as I am a loyal customer and never missed any payments. If the credit check is successful I would like to upgrade both mobile phones to the iPhone 6s. 

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Re: turned down

Hi Dannit21

The decline isn't necessarily just because of Virgin. They would be many factors taken when the credit check is ran.

So the agreement you take is called "freestyle"

which means that you take out a credit agreement for the cost of the handset over 24 months.

As there is the credit agreement or interest free loan involved then its not just how you pay Virgin but opposed to how your credit file stands. As you said your a brilliant payer with Virgin which is brilliant but if your credit file deems not as good then this could be the reason for the decline..

I would certainly recommend writing in to the underwriting team at Virgin. They would tell you the reason for the decline. They are ONLY available team that can tell you why and the team are contactable via letter only.

Another credit check ran against you would only affect you further as you want as little declines for credit against your name as possible. If you failed the first time and the initial cause isn't rectified or if the initial reason was a straight decline then a second one would be the same outcome

From experience, write to Virgin Smiley Happy
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