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trying to upgrade pay monthly tariff

I have been trying to upgrade the pay monthly tariff on two iPhones, my husbands and my daughters, they are on my mobile account and in my name. I think its called secondary account or sub account? anyway .

I have logged in attempted the "change my tariff " button , selected vip , unlimited , am taken to new page showing new detals , includes date of direct debit , then when I click confirm it all goes wrong. instead of confirming i get a yellow error message with "oops something's gone wrong "


The first few times this happened i left it a few hours then a couple of days, then over a week to try again - to no avail!!

This simply NEVER works, I have tried the contact us option too -  the online chat would be my preferred method as I find hearing on the telephone very difficult. yet upon clicking the button I am told the online chat team are closed. Has to be the only online company I've ever seen keep business hours!  The same applies to the dreaded call centre, which despite the webpage claiming they're open until midnight, are also closed after 8pm. The virgin call centre appears to keeps the worst hours as its never open when I call.

 Quite honestly, this is beyond aggravating and is wreaking havoc on my scatter cushions as they make useful punching bags upon which to vent my ire at the complete lack of actual customer service, help or support from Virgin. Given I pay this company a substantial amount of money every month for 3 mobiles, xl broadband (its awful too) landline and 2 xl tivo packages I expect better than what I've experienced so far.

Given its somewhat akin to embarking on a mission impossible when I am actually trying to give this company more money, I have to wonder if I would receive better help if I were to stop the various direct debits. I suspect the call centre would be open long enough to contact me then!

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Re: trying to upgrade pay monthly tariff

Hi gail2, 


Thanks for posting your concerns on here, and apologies for the inconvenience received when trying to upgrade.


Unfortunately due to the nature of your query, as it's an upgrade where details will need to be discussed  we would need to clear security.


Just give our customer service team a call on 789 form a Virgin line or 0345 6000 789 from any other line and they'll be able to deal with this further for you.


If there's anything else you need just post back here and we'll take a look for you.


Speak soon, 




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Re: trying to upgrade pay monthly tariff

I believe they mentioned "I find hearing on the telephone very difficult".
I too try changing my tariff online with the same message coming up. I have my own reasons for being unable to make or receive calls on a phone, so am unable to change the tariff I am on etc. 
When will the online tariff changing facility be back working as it should so customers like myself, and the one in the previous message, can change tariffs like we were told we could upon joining virgin mobile?
And what compensation will be given for this problem.

I believe there needs to be alternative ways of contacting a customer service representative to appease the disability discrimination act for those who are unable to make or receive calls for whatever reason. Can you please give me the details of these so I can get my tariff sorted.

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