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stolen phone

i had a phone stolen  on the 07/12/2015 it was one of 5 contract phones i have with virgin my wife of 65 was robbed of her phone in a Iceland store in Newcastle lets say the last three digits of her phone were 123.The police came and a crime number given as this phone was only three months in contract a Samsung 6,the same phone i had a contract for my daughter say her last phone digits were 456 which had a longer contract I Phoned virgin and to my horror i was informed there was no insurance in place which I found baffling as all other phones have i found myself in the nightmare situation of having to pay 21 months on a contract phone, i was then guided to the resolution team i spoke to a nice lady called Joanne i was unformed as i was classed as a vip customer ,she would put in play that i would have to pay 24.00 pounds backdated insurance fees plus an 80.00 excess to have the phone 123 reactivated and anew phone would be sent to me. i was informed by my daughter this morning that her fone had be cut off 10 30 last night.what has happened is that because she has the same phone as her mother i have been informed that because her fone has insurance .the insurance company mistakenly it was her phone which had been stolen ,,which is ridiculous as they were aware for 14 days that the phone stolen was not my daughters  phone i now find out not only does my daughter have a phone ,and the insurance company Astoria recognise there has been a **bleep** up myself and my family have been politely told to **bleep** off.i have paid 80.00 access on a phone which has not been reported stolen all backed up with e-mails sent and received from customer services CAN ANYONE ADVISE thank you.

It appears that the insurance company assumed it was my daughters phone which had been stolen AND WILL NOT BACK DOWN.



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Re: stolen phone

Hi Alan,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm so sorry to hear your Wife's mobile phone was stolen. This is clearly not a nice thing to go through. I'd also like to apologise for the poor experiencing after this with the handling of the Insurance claim.


I can see this was posted a few days ago. I'm afraid we haven't been able to get back to you as soon as we like because of the holidays. Could you please answer the following questions:-


What is the latest with this?

Have you spoken to us since posting this?

Has there been any further movement with the Insurance?


Hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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