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sony xperia

I was on my phone and i noticed the low battery flashing ,i connected it to the charger ,but the screen went black with picture of a charger ,the phone won't switch on or charger .I contacted virgin and they said it was still under warranty and they would post me package to return the phone.About a week later i received a call from there tech department ,telling me that there was damage to sim area and the phone wasn't covered because of this damage ,I asked them to sent me a photo of the damage area .i received it by email and it look like someone had taken a screwdriver to the sim card holder .About a 5 days later i received  my phone back ,but the after checking it there was no damage to my phone ,i took photo of my phone and compared my photos to the one virgin email and look likes a complete different phone .I rang virgin and they have more or less told me  theres nothing they can do,i spoke to the tech guy at virgin ,he hung up on me. Ive tried to find a email address to email the photos,but can't find any .  Any help would be much appreciate   



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