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smart call - won't register - won't work overseas

When I changed my call plan the helpful person I spoke to me told me of this wonderful app call 'smart' call that was supposed to allow me to make calls using Wi-Fi which would be especially useful when overseas.

I installed it, got it all set up and tested it. Sound quality was like someone phoning  from outer space but it worked. As soon as we got to Thailand and put a local SIM card in a big X came over the app. It stops working as soon as you ae away.All the promises to be able to use it overseas evaporated. I couldn't call home to let family know I had arrived. Things went downhill from there. I tried to re-register it but it needs a 4 digit code. Guess how the clowns who set up this app decided how to send it? By text message to your phone. Wait a minute VM web page has a place to register the phone and select mobile phone provider - guess what only UK providers are listed. get code sent to e-mail address?  No way,  get in touch with VM help when overseas?  no way no e-mail contact. I never could get it to work and ended up using a paid means to make contact with the UK

Now back in the UK I thought I'd try again. Register yet again on VM web site. Send 4 digit code to phone. OK  now I have VM SIM in again. I try to enter my VM landline + code  but as soon as I enter my landline number it comes up with an error message saying oops something went wrong. Might be I need to have wifi or data on, but its not obvious rom the error message.

Basically if you think this will work overseas DONT RELY ON IT.  I did try ptting my VM Sim back in when overseas with the risk of incurring heavy data charges but it still would not work.

My question is, is there anyone who has ever got this app to work outside of the Eurozone (i.e.with a local SIM inserted)  I would be interested to know if it does work at all or if it is just a pointless marketing gimmick that is just a joke app

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Re: smart call - won't register - won't work overseas

Hi Kaiphor,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you had some issues with the Smartcall Service. With regards to re-registering in the foreign sim, this wouldn't work as you need a UK sim. You would need to be connected to Wi-Fi to enable this as Smartcall needs it to work.


I can assure you that the app works all over the world and we're dedicated to making sure we help with any potential issues you have.



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