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sim not recieved

I have not recieved my sim card but have got a message saying it has been delivered and also a message saying when my bill is due

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Re: sim not recieved

Hi Deanog,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm sorry for any confusion caused over the sim card. I want to get this all sorted for you. So we can do this, are you able to give us a call on 789 or 0345 6000 789?


The team will be able to find out where the sim is.


Let me know how you get on.




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Re: sim not recieved

Hi, I joined Virgin on Friday 01/04/2016 and was told my sim would arrive the following day, 02/04/16 by YODEL. I was then sent an email with a link to track my parcel, but when I clicked the link I was sent to the YODEL website which told me the tracking number didn't exist. so I logged in to my account and saw that the sim was marked as delivered and activated. so I looked on the forum, and after reading the comments on this forum, I decided to give Virgin the benefit of the doubt and wait a few more days to see if it arrived. however, it is now Tuesday 05/04/16 and I have received an email to say that my bill is ready to view and my first payment will be taken out on the 15th of this month!. you can imagine my shock, and anger when I read this. not only have I not received my new SIM, but I am now getting billed for it!. I have just switched completely over to Virgin with my Broadband, TV, home phone and mobile, and this is how I am welcomed?!.. I am extremely unhappy with this 'service', and think its absolutely disgusting that a company of this size, worth so much money cant sort what appears to be becoming a reoccurring issue. this needs to be looked into. had my Sim arrived, I wasn't even planning on activating it until the 1st of next month as that when my current sim is deactivated, but it now looks like I will be expected to pay for both contracts. I am seriously considering cancelling all orders with Virgin and taking my custom elsewhere, and I certainly would not recommend Virgin to anyone thinking of getting it.

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Re: sim not recieved

There ordering system is a complete mess at the moment. 

SIMS are often sent out Royal Mail even when they say Yodel.

Ring 789 from a Virgin phone or 0345 6000 789 from any other.

It need looking into urgently.

If they argue and you are inside 14 days - cancel

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