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running out of memory



I've been getting a message recently that my storage space is running low. I've deleted as much as I can, transferred photos to my laptop etc and it's not doing anything. I've noticed however that there are a lot of apps on the phone that I never use but which appear to be pre-loaded. Is there anyway of getting rid of these? or alternatively anyway of increasing the storage space?


Oh, it's a Samsung Galaxy 2


thanks a lot



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Re: running out of memory

Sorry it's not exactly the same thing, but I had similar on a Sony phone I had (Xperia L).  With that one there was a way to disable the apps - so not being able to delete them altogether, but I think disabling them saved a bit of space - might be worth googling to see if you can do similar on Samsung?


Sony were (are still?) particularly bad for extra apps, since they had their own full suite of media apps which basically doubled up all the Google Play ones...

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Re: running out of memory

Samsung are just as bad with the extra apps bolted onto the o/s. I don't want facebook on my phone, but there's no way to totally remove it. If you go in to the app manager and select "uninstall updates" it's the best you can do. Unfortunately, if you then use the app it will then either not work or be a security risk.


Apps tend to occupy less than 50MB with the average being about 2MB. If you've deleted some media from the handset, you should have released some space for more apps - as most photos and songs will occupy the same space as the average app, and deleting videos will clear a lot of space.


Are you sure they've actually gone from the handset?

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