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phone left on

Afternoon, has anyone made this mistake and if so is there any answer. My wife used my phone to speak to her elderly aunt for 16 mins in the evening, the next morning l get a text saying l`ve used all my credit ,then another saying l have used 95% of my credit then another saying l have used 75% of my credit. l checked my limit and was told that overnight it has cost me £131. My wife who has had the sole use of this mobile for years swears she shut off the phone as usual after making a call but the log does say the call was for 591 minutes, that meant she was on the phone all night.??? Virgin are not interested, anyone out there have any solutions, we are both pensioners and rarely use mobiles, this one has only a £5 sim. 

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Re: phone left on

It's hard to say. Either party can end the call, either your wife or aunt. If that did not happen then the call will obviously go on.

I've been using mobiles since 1996 and I forgot to end a call to my wife the other week, she just put her phone down. Thankfully I found out after about 10 minutes!

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