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pay monthly tariff

Sorry, we have some problems processing your order, our customer service team will be in touch to discuss about this order.This is the information what I've got 4 days ago.Nobody contact with me yet.I just called to virgin mobile and lady just said that there is a problem with some information I provided.I received no help at all and the problem remains.I try to order again but I can't.2 days ago  I said about my problem and asked a question here on virgin media community and nobody answered.I'm very disappointed

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Re: pay monthly tariff

Hi ganimedes,

as your problem is account specific, you have already done the best thing by calling Virgin mobile customer services.

I'm sorry that they were of little help to you and can understand your frustration.

This is largely a community forum though to answer questions and give advice.
Nothing said by members such as myself can really be of any use in your case which is why nobody has answered.

However the forum is monitored by Virgin staff and your post will be picked up by one of the team eventually.
It just may take a little while.

AlexKid :-)

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