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notice period

I have four  phones with virgin (2 kids, hubby and myself). Our contracts are up on 30th Sept. I want to cancel them all - I assume I have to give Virgin notice of my intention to do this  - how long is required please?

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Re: notice period

If you ring 789 and choose the "I'm thinking of leaving" option, you should get an automated message telling you the date you're eligible for an upgrade. You need to give notice some time in the 30 days before that date. Obviously it's best to give the full 30 days rather than ring up the day before.


To repeat myself: It's not necessary to give a full 30 days notice. You need to give your notice during your last 30 days. Seems weird, I know, but it's confirmed by a Virgin employee Mark_Y in this thread.


Record your call.


If you require a PAC so you can transfer your number, ask for it at the same time as you give notice - it's valid for 30 days. Virgin are obliged by OFCOM to give it to you verbally during the call or by text within two hours. They shouldn't cut off your phone immediately - it's confirmed in this thread by a Virgin employee Stephen_B that the account is closed when the PAC is used, not when it is issued.



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