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no more than 3 pay monthly sims allowed! How rubbish

So I've had Virgin services since the dawn of time, via NTL first going back to 2000.  I've got broadband, tv, phone and now have 3 mobile sims on pay monthly sim only deals, two for many years and one for just 18 months.  All great, never missed a payment everything is direct debit.  I must be a "gold" customer.

So when my 2nd daughter got a phone I thought no problem, add another pay monthly sim only contract to the account.  But no, I'm not allowed apparently, 3 is the maximum anyone would ever want, cause apparently no-one lives in families of more than 1 child.

After 30 mins on the phone I was advised an extra credit check would see if I was allowed to possibly have a 4th.  Two weeks later chased them, and apparently I was not worthy, which is, laughable, as I happen to know my credit score and its, well, quite high.  £5 a month is obviously going to break my bank.

Has anyone else had any success in persuading the mighty Virgin Mobile computer system to allow more than 3 pay monthly sims?  Is there some special god I have to pray to?  Or do Virgin just not like taking money from customers?

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Re: no more than 3 pay monthly sims allowed! How rubbish

They are really hot on credit at the moment. Loads of people applying for phones only to be turned down, all with good credit scores.

I once had 3 pay monthly SIMS and they were capped at £50 spending on each. Two have now gone but the third is still capped at £50

I also notice my landline/broadband expenditure has been capped at £100. It has only recently appeared on my account.

An overall picture of them tightening up. So best of luck with your quest. 

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