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new order

Hi there,

I did an online order on the 9th ok March for a new contract with virgin, and i got an e-mail of the summary of my order, and at the bottom of this summary where it says my address, it says 'unfortunately there'll be a slight delay processing your order due to a technical glitch at our end. we'll be in touch in the next 24 hours to complete your order.''

- well it's been over 24 hours (weeks even), and i cant call the number as my mobile is broken so the headset does not work, and now i have been trying to speak to someone n chat for the last few weeks hours at a time refreshing the 'chat online' button until someone becomes free.

I even sent a complaint on the 24th but still have not heard back from anyone!

I have had to missed calls of a number 08004089340 after googling it it says it is a virgin number i tried to ask for help on other chat options but no help was given

i just want to know what's happening with my order

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Re: new order

Sounds to me it hasn't gone through.

If you can get your hands on another phone you can call them on 0345 6000 789

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Re: new order

Hi gprjay,

unless you are able to use another phone to call Virgin Mobile.

You are probably just going to have to wait for one of the forum team to pick up on this post and respond.

Sorry I can't offer anything more hopeful Smiley Sad

AlexKid :-)

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Re: new order

Hi GPRjay,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you're having issues with traacking your order. So I can look into this, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps. You can view this by clicking the purple envelope in the top right.




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