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never trust a member of virgin mobile to change your contract....

My phone contract ended 3 month ago so i rang virgin on the 16/5/16 and informed them i'd like to go sim only. Wow my bill was slashed from £29 to £15 and i gained more data, plus they sent me a new sim as i was sick of all those ppi pests ringing my old number. The sim came the next day and i switched it over. Life's sweet i thought as a loyal virgin customer for 5yrs plus this its how its always going to roll from now on....... then the bill came. BANG SLAP AND SHOVED TO THE FLOOR...YEP a new sim came ,but so did my old £29 bill plus a little extra as id gone over my old 2gb limit. As its now after 8pm virgin call centre and online help have gone to bed, counting my bill , sorry i ment sheep. So if your reading this , check your online bill. i wonder if the money is returned as quick as it was taken????? I'll let you know after i sit on the phone (for 30 minutes plus no doubt ) to virgin tomorrow lunch time instead of reading the paper.

Ps my refresh date is the 17th of each month and having checked my contract i'm on a 1mth rolling at £29, how on earth hasn't the girl done her job.



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