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need to change from a standard Sim to micro sim

I have a monthly Sim only contract. I am looking at getting a new phone which requires a micro Sim and I have a standard Sim. I understand that I will be charged for the Sim and that is fine.

I have a few questions and I thought I'd ask on here instead of making myself look an idiot in the store:
Will I be able to purchase the Sim from my local store instead of having to wait for it to be posted?

If i can't, will I be able to use my current Sim card until the micro Sim turns up?
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Re: need to change from a standard Sim to micro sim

Ring them on 789 and ask for a new micro SIM for a change of phone. I have never had to pay for one. That said once I had to pay £2.99 for guaranteed next day delivery.


Virgin seem to supply standard size SIMs or a dual size micro/nano SIM. The nano pushes out from the micro.


The new SIM will be pre-activated with your existing number.So the old SIM will stop working as soon as you put the new SIM in a phone and power it on. Obviously the new SIM won't contain anything you have stored on your existing SIM. So you will have to copy over the data yourself. 

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