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moving my virgin number

I have a virgin contract that is about to end and i want to keep the number.

I have another virgin contract with a year or so to run that i dont use, can i move my number to this phone once my contract ends?



I have had a pay monthly virgin number for many years, about a year into the last contract (i just get a new phone every couple of years and keep the number) my phone broke and i wasnt insured. Maybe not the best thing i could of done but i decided to take out another contract in order to get a new phone and then i just put my sim in the new phone and continued with my same old number. So i have been paying for an unused pay monthly sim and my old one. My thinking was that when my contract ended i could move the number from the ending contract to my new one.


Is this possible? the nice lady in Mumbai say "No.." but if i took out another contract im sure they would let me move my number from another provider, so why not a Virgin number?











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Re: moving my virgin number

Hi Ben,

Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


We can certainly look into this for you! Are you able to PM me your full name on the account and the number?


You can PM me by clicking on the image of my face and selecting the private message option on the right hand side.





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Re: moving my virgin number

PM sent

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Re: moving my virgin number

Thought id drag this up again, as i still need a solution.

I hit a dead end at customer services/complaints, but there must be a solution.

I have 2 contracts, 1 has a year or so left and a number/phone i dont use, the other contract period is up, i use the phone and want to keep the number. But i dont want 2 contracts... i want one, with the one number i use... why is this not possible..?

I would gladly take out a new contract if i could cancel the other 2, as long as i can keep my number

I would keep the existing contract, if i could transfer the number from my expired contract...


I dont see why it is so easy to "keep your old number" if it comes from another provider, but not if it comes from Virgin to Virgin!?




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Re: moving my virgin number

I doubt if you can achieve what you want directly through Virgin. And I think that's probably true of all the UK networks. It;s down to policy not a technical bar. But it seems crazy to pay for service and not use it at all.


The only way I know to do this is to port the number you want to retain out of Virgin to some other network and then port it back in again onto the unused Virgin SIM. The unused contract then ends up with the desired phone number.


You could try this.

Ring 789 from the number you want to keep.

Ask for a Port Authorisation Code (PAC).

(The Call Centre will insist on you talking to the customer retention team.)

If customer retention arrange the number transfer then well and good, but likely they won't and might not even understand what you want to do. So stand your ground and insist on the PAC. They have to provide the PAC within 2 working days but it should arrive via SMS text in a couple of hours.

Once issued you have 30 calendar days to use the PAC or it expires. In that event you will have to request a new PAC.

Obtain a free of charge SIM from ANOther network. I have used both Three and O2 before. You can easily order a free PAYG SIM from 3 online. It should arrive in about 3 days. Or try a 3 shop, I believe the shops charge £1. (Fee waived if you also top-up.)

When you obtain the SIM put it in an unlocked phone and activate it.

Make sure you can ring the new 3 number and send SMS messages to it. However you won't be able to phone or text from it unless you add credit. You also need create a web account and register the new SIM on the 3 website. That's the number that came with the 3 SIM.

Complete the port number form on the 3 website. Or you can probably ring 333 for free from the 3 mobile and provide the Virgin PAC and the number you want to keep etc.

If you do this before 17:00pm on a working day then the number should port over to 3 sometime on the next working day. You should get text notifications about it.

The VM SIM will stop working and the number will now be active on 3. You might need to switch the handset(s) off and then on again.

Anyway satisfy yourself that you can receive calls and texts to your ported number now on the 3 network using the 3 SIM.

The number you want to keep is now a 3 number. The associated Virgin contract will cancel. You might be liable for cancellation charges if you are not yet out of contract. Or any unbilled usage charges

NB. At this point you won't be able to make calls or send texts unless you add some credit to the 3 SIM.

Although you should receive calls and texts OK.

I would also make sure that My Account on the 3 website has updated with the ported phone number.

When you are happy all is well do the reverse process.

Ring Three on 333 and obtain a PAC code.

Put the spare VM SIM associated to the unused contract in the Virgin phone. Make sure it works with it's allocated number. Can you receive calls and texts?

When you have the PAC code then ring Virgin on 789 from the unused VM SIM.

As above, you have 30 days or the PAC expires and you will need to request again.

Give them the PAC code issued by 3 and the number you want to port (the number you are trying to keep).

The number should port over the next working day.

You should get a text when it happens and you might need to switch the phones with the VM SIM off and then on again.

The phone number you wanted to keep should now be associated with the unused Virgin contract. The expired Virgin contract should be closed and the temporary 3 account should also be closed or deactivated.


The whole process is actually quite simple once you understand what is happening.

The process might take 3-5 working days.

If needs be you could add some PAYG credit to the 3 SIM to make calls and send texts etc. As I recall the minimum top-up is £10. Or even a bundle if you need lots of minutes, data etc.

Be aware that any remaining credit on the 3 SIM will be lost when the number is ported back to Virgin.

The Trio SIM card that 3 provides fits phones all three of the standard SIM sizes in common use, standard, micro and nano. So you should have no issue there.

The phone that you use for the 3 SIM will need to be unlocked and 3G capable. Most modern handsets are 3G capable.

I would recommend that you beg, borrow or steal a suitable phone so you can see what's going on with Virgin and 3 at the same time. But that's just for convenience, you can still do it with just one handset.

If you really must use your existing handset for the 3 SIM it might need to be unlocked first. That said it might well have been supplied unlocked. So check.

If you want to use a phone that is not 3G capable, eg that old Nokia in a drawer, then you could use an O2 or Vodafone SIM or any other convenient network..


Good luck.

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