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mobile number awarded

Hello everyone,


So i just check my mobile a minute ago and i received a message saying this : 


" congrats, your mobile number has been awarded 1,000,000.00 USD from VIRGIN MEDIA COMPANY LTD, To claim, email your name and country to:  "




First thing i did was to find how to contact the company since i thought this was a fake announcement and if it help VIRGIN, i can give the phone number.



Thank you for you attention,


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Re: mobile number awarded

It has to be fake, obviously.


It looks like a phishing scam.


1) Consider the likelihood that VM will give away a million quid to a random mobile phone owner. Not terribly likely, is it?


2) Note the domain name:


Virgin's principal domain is - similar, but by no means the same.


3) This thing is registered to someone claiming to be "Prince Kizito", who claims to be from Bangalore. He claims to be reachable at - although of course he could just be lying about that.


I would expect that VM are already aware of this person, and no doubt they are taking appropriate steps to safeguard their brand image.


Those who expect a perfect service have never tried to provide one.
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Re: mobile number awarded

hiya @mikoneesan
you could report issue via -> you could also report it via -> eg the hosting company via live chat
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