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mobile contract upgrade

hi,i was looking at the prices for sim only deals for VM customers,,i pay £5 a month for 100 mins,100mb and unlimited texts,,looking at the deals page though it seems that i can get much more for the same price,but im not sure about the name of the deal,,as you can see from the attached pic,,im on "mobile sim only deal",,but higher up the page is a deal that states 250 mins,1.00gb and unlimited texts,but is called "sim only".


im happy with my own phone,so only need a sim deal,,im not a big call user,but would like the extra internet data allowance,,so am i able to click select on the deal and still be able to carry on with my current sim card and phone number with the newer deal?


basically,can i just claim the better deal for the same money?,,not sure when my contract started or ends.


thx for looking.


P.S,,,when i check my mobile account online,it states "unlimited minutes",,but when i check with the VM app on my phone,it states "100 mins"...see attached pic.




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Re: mobile contract upgrade

ring 789 and tell ask them the options and they will switch it, forum cant do it and will take sometimes days to hear that.



if your on a sim currently it shouldnt be an issue to transfer

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Re: mobile contract upgrade

I changed to that deal a few weeks ago, I just hit the select button and on my refresh date the new deal kicked in.

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Re: mobile contract upgrade

Hi scudybeef,


Thanks for posting your query with usSmiley Happy


As some of the other community have already given you some great advice I'm just wondering how you've gotten on with this.


Let us know if you need anything else.


Take care 



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