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mobile confusion

well here I am again.

couldnt get straight answers from the huys over the phone so decided to leave and payup and go rather than put up with the movile rubbish and the contant increase in my mobile bill.

Still dont understand thatI paid up font on a rolling basis, how I could possibly be behind after making a payment only a few days okay.

No one could explain it to me, may be I am thick.

You cant forward calls in the UK on your mobile but virgin mobile in the USA you can.

so opted to go for a similar service elsewhere for considerablly less per month than I am paying now and I can forward calls with that service.

Now just have to find a broadband service thats cost effective with the speeds in the same ball park.

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Re: mobile confusion

Hi matey there are many better deals out there. there are sooo many compare sites that will give you a better deal once you enter your post code


try uswitch

or broadband deals


or you could try meerkat and get free movie tickets also

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Re: mobile confusion

Both are paid by the supplier. Uswitch is in league it's Virgin and many others, I have no experience other other. Use the money saving expert site, they are independent and offer the pros and construction as best they can. Ensure you check for coverage before you decide
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