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insurance excess

I cant use my phone properly as i cracked the screen. I was told i have to pay the £400excess to get it fixed. phone is only £100 to buy brand new. i have 3 months left on my 24month contract. do i have to stay in my contact or can i get out of it ?
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Re: insurance excess

Hi Duke1

Sorry to hear you have had problems with your phone.

you are able to check with the team when your upgrade date is. If you are entitled to an early upgrade then you wouldn't have to pay anything, however, if not then you can pay the buyout fee which is the remainder of the contract and get a new handset

Some good offers on at the moment too! Smiley Happy
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Virgin Mobile Staff , However, All opinions are my own

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Re: insurance excess

Hi duke1,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Sorry to hear the bad news with the cracked screen. I'm hoping we can sort something out for you here.


I'm a little baffled by the £400 excess. I've taken the liberty of including our insurance page for you to read here.


As Lee_B mentioned, you may be eligible for an early upgrade. If you're not, then buying the last 3 months out will likely be cheaper than purchasing the handset again. Call the team on 789 from a Virgin Mobile or 0345 6000 789 from any other phone.


Please let me know how it all goes.



Forum Team
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