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iPhone unlock bought at Carphone Warehouse

Hi All,

For days I have been trying to get Virgin to unlock my iPhone 5S which I bought from Carphone Warehouse (CW). First person at Virgin I spoke to said they cant because I didn't buy the handset from Virgin. Second person I spoke to, told to me connect my phone to my computer and reset it using iTunes, this would unlock my phone. It didn't. Third person I spoke to told me the same as the first! I phoned back for a fourth time and asked to make an official complaint. They then passed me to the tech team who said actually they can fill out a form and get it unlocked in 5 days for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really bad customer service. The first 3 people I spoke to all gave me wrong information. Only when I started asking to make an official complaint did someone suddenly seem to be able to unlock it for me...........

Ive been told it will be unlocked by 29/08/16..... lets see...

Really tempted to complain to CISAS and put in a claim for my time Virgin have wasted by giving me a stream of incorrect information.

Please train your staff properly Virgin. You have left a loyal Virgin customer with a very bad impression of your company.

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Re: iPhone unlock bought at Carphone Warehouse

Hi Silverless,


Thanks for coming in, it's good to meet you Smiley Happy


I'm sorry that there's been some confusion on the information given. I can imagine that whether this was a, we can or can't situation from the first call, it would have saved you some time.


Person 1 and 3 are correct here, however we do tend to lean towards person 1's response. It's not to make things more difficult for you, on the contrary, over the phone they can give you the code there and then and as you can see would be considerabyly quicker that for us to request that code for your phone.


I am really happy that we are unlocking it and please let me know how the 29th goes Smiley Happy


All the best and welcome into the Community Smiley Happy


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