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iPhone 7 fault

I am having no joy with iPhone support! I have an iPhone 7 and I went to download an app last night and a black screen appeared with the white timer circle going round. It has been like that for 10 hours plus, it won't switch off or allow me to cancel back to the main menu.

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Re: iPhone 7 fault

Hi DonnaS97,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem with your iPhone 7. Has this been resolved for you since your post?

Did you purchase the iPhone from Virgin Mobile? Have you tried a hard reset?


Press and hold the Lock/Wake button on the right side of your iPhone.

  • At the same time, press and hold down the Volume Down button on the left side while keeping the Lock/Wake button pressed.
  • Keep holding both the buttons until the screen turns black and then switches back on to display the Apple Logo.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds until your iPhone boots up completely and displays the Lock screen.

Please let me know how this goes.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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