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how to stop 700038002 number

HELP - how to stop 700038002 number 


The above number is send weekly text to my daughters phone at £3.00 each text and can not be stopped. Can anyone help with stopping the charges & texts. The texts started showing on her bills on 15/03/2015 so £6.00 additional cost wasn't so noticeable. Her contract gives unlimited text, minutes & web access so was surprised to find an additional £12 added to this months bill to date these texts have cost £21 and still counting.


I need this to stop as I pay her bill


Thanks Jackie

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Re: how to stop 700038002 number

Read what I posted bellow, dependant on your phone/OS version it will work.

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Re: how to stop 700038002 number

Does simply blocking the text from within the handset actually work? I'd have thought they still get classed as "delivered" as far as the GSM system goes, because they need to be received by the handset for it to know they need to be blocked.


Anyway - the most effective way to kill off unwanted spam messages is to get your number changed. VM will do this for free once per year. Bear in mind that numbers can sometimes be recycled, so if the previous owner had a spam problem, it may become your problem. If there's any evidence that the number has been recycled (such as wrong number calls where the caller is convinced they have the right number) you have a strong case to get another new number allocated for free.


It is not reasonable to expect a mobile carrier to block premium texts as they are unable to establish in advance which senders are legitimate.

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Re: how to stop 700038002 number

Hi jackie_haughton,


Sorry to hear about your issues with unwanted chargeable text messages.


I can see the community has been helping you out with this which is great Smiley Happy


One suggestion I can think of would be to reply to the text message with 'STOP'. These types of messages are usually subscription based so by doing this it should unsubscribe you.


If that doesn't work I would suggest calling 789 to see what options you have.


Many thanks

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