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great contract mobile and package. poor customer support.

Ive recently signed up to a new contract with virgin as I used to be with 3. I am happy with my bundle and my mobile. I thought they had to give you 2 weeks in advanced written warning about a bill? I was only aware of the airtime bundle bill i cancelled my direct debt and proceeded to pay for my airtime part of bill in advance by on line transfer but apparently I cant pay for the actual phone monthly cost like that and I have to ring them? I thought the lady on the phone was quite rude considering ive paid upto what they have asked me to pay. But I was totally unaware the mobile bill also comes out at the same time?? ive only had the phone less than 2 weeks? and already paid some of my bill. Then to be spoken to in such a manner that ive done something wrong is absolutely crazy. I want to pay, just not by direct debt. what the hell is virgins problem? im not paying my mobile cost for another 2 weeks because ive only just been made aware of it. really annoyed and frustrated. 

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