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freestyle refusal

So having been a Virgin Media customer for some 5 years (both Media and Mobile) I find it interesting that I have been knocked back when trying to upgrade my mobile package to a samsung  freestyle and only offered a standard lower spec product.

Nobody either instore or when applying through customer services would give me a reason as to the indignity, they all say my Credit rating check is perfect but for some reason The man from Delmonte says NO!!

My thoughts are I pay you over £60 a month for these services and have given good customer loyalty. You seem to be saying we dont care.

Any Thoughts???

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Re: freestyle refusal

HI JonTheTree,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you're having some issues with upgrading the phone. This will be down to our new Freestyle contract format. The contract is effectively a loan agreement so this could be what is causing the fault.


Do you have any other contracts with Virgin? Let me know as soon as you can.



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Re: freestyle refusal

I believe there is a dispute process for this when your credit score is fine, when I originally attempted to get my phone it was a higher credit score bracket, and had to be manually changed. Might be worth asking for them to refer it to Consumer Underwriting Services.


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