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credit used up: phone use denied: can't connect to renew credit

I am a UK customer. Virgin will not connect with me in the Caribbean! This message came through in Trinidad: "You've exceeded your credit limit . . . suspended . . .call +447953 967967 from another phone". How simple could that be? Except: every time I call, and believe me, it's many times, the line is busy. So I try the chat facility on the Virgin web page. Every time I try: all operatives are busy. So I even try the phone line offered to people in the UK. Busy.

I'm now in Nevis (a small Caribbean island with excellent internet and phone services) with urgent calls to make. No phone now for several days. No assistance of any sort from Virgin. Anyone got a good idea of what I might do?  (Apart from getting a new service provider -- I'm close to that, believe me!)

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Re: credit used up: phone use denied: can't connect to renew credit

Hi maxfarrar,

Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing a problem with your service. 

If you have received that message then a payment will need to be made on your account to bring the credit limit back into balance and we can look into the problem with your roaming issue. 

You can make a payment via your online account here: Your Account, then the Payments tab, then Make a payment.

While in Your Account, also go to Plan and device, then the Manage Services tab, then make sure that the Roaming button under Going Abroad is ON and that under Call Barring, that International call barring is OFF.

Once this has been done, please reboot your handset and retry connecting to a local network.

Also please see the following link to find out the roaming costs in the Caribbean: Roaming Costs

Please let us know how this goes.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team

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