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contract sim before contract phone

I couldn't get a phone out on contract customer services told me but they did say if I take a sim card out on pay monthly they'll give me a phone after 3 months...  anyone else done this and got the fone

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Re: contract sim before contract phone

Hi raymieharley,


if you search other posts on this forum you will find quite a lot from people like yourself who have been "sold" a SIM only contract in this way.

The mobile phone agreements Virgin setup are called "freestyle" which are basically two separate agreements. One for the handset and the other for the airtime (mins, texts and data).

The handset agreement is an interest free loan or credit agreement that is taken out over the period.
As the agreement is a loan agreement then a credit check would have to be ran and it is your external credit file that would decide if you could pass for this loan or not.

How likely are three payments to alter your current credit score?


AlexKid :-)

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