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cold calling

since when do virgin media cold call customers

i recieved a call on wenesday night asking how my services are  if i was happy

then was asked to give my password over ( i said no )

then she asked if i woant a contract for a mobile phone (i said no)

she then said  why not ( i thought to myself **bleep** )

cold calling  thought that is a no no

so does virgin tell there staff to cold call customers

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Re: cold calling

There have been reports of a call from this number, 0800 4089341, which has been tied down to Virgin Sales.

You can request being taken off their marketing list, but that can take 28 days and it seems they are rather persistent. 

Check if your phone has the ability to block certain numbers. I know some Android phones have this built in. But there are also apps in the play store.

I'm sure Apple have similar.

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Re: cold calling

scouseuk wrote:

... was asked to give my password over ...

Whenever anyone calls you and asks you to confirm your password, you should (initially) give the wrong one. If they accept it, you know they are not who they purport to be. Whether you continue the call or string them along is up to you.

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Re: cold calling

I am getting the same, almost every day.  Today she became very aggressive when I refused to share my password.   I suspect it is a genuine VM call, but cannot be sure and not prepared to share personal details to a call caller!

What is frustrating, they are not prepared to tell you what they are trying to sell without me giving up personal info... complete waste of my time and if it doesn't stop and job for ofcom.

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Re: cold calling

Hi Jumbojake,

Thanks for posting Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you've had some trouble with our teams calling us. So we can look into this, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps.



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