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can it be so difficult to upgrade a contract phone

Ok, will try to keep it short.....9am sunday   daughter wants an iphone, i need an upgrade on my old nokia. Virgin keep asking me to upgrade , I contact relevant dept and enquire on best phone/deal, ok sorted want to purchase and upgrade, sorry sir you need sales, ok start again, explain again and they say can not upgrade from sales....we seem to be going around in circles....several I will pass you to someone who can scenarios, several dropped calls, eventually 3 hours later someone says a manager will call back at 14.30 as no one should have to wait so long when trying to facilitate what should be an easy transaction.

No one calls back.....I wait and wait and eventually call back at 15.30-45ish, I am losing the will to live and eventually get someone in the same dept I first tried who said certainly sir, we can do that.

contracts are emailed and I promptly digitally sign and return...invoice states phones to be delivered next day.....arrange for daughter to stay home and await delivery (she is 18). Nothing arrives and no further virgin again to be told sorry sir I signed after a 18.45 cut off for next day delivery (this was never mentioned or explained ).

I am left saddened, upset, angry and luckily within a 14 cooling off period.

The call centres are so terribly bad, I don`t blame the guys and girls working there, but the minimum should be an ability to communicate and a knowledge of the product, neither was evident. I expect when something is agreed it is done, I would , but that seems to slide too.

Unfortunately rather than helping a customer that you had for many years make a not inconsiderable purchase of two high end phones and contracts, you managed to alienate them so much I am seriously looking elsewhere.

not sure what can be done to help but I may feel better having got it off my chest so to speak.



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