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call divert on no answer. Not available to me according to virginmedia

I have had call divert on no answer for several years with my landline. Not sure if that is the correct virgin name, but basically if the landline is rung it rings for 5 times then would divert. Great, that means if were in the house we can answer the call before it diverts. It can be left on with out going through the hassle of taking off and putting it back on. Because I have left it on for years I could not remember the sequence of numbers.                

Having rang the landline a couple of days ago I discovered that call divert was not active, because I haven't had to put it on for years I could. not remember the sequence to activate it so rang up virgin media to see why it had gone off and the number sequence  to put it back on. They then told me that when I signed up for a new contract I had cancelled call divert. I said I had not cancelled it as it was something I had on my bill for years and that they recorded phone conversations and they could see what was said. I was told they were recorded for training purposes only.

Ok I can't change what's been done. Next question was can you give me the sequence to put call divert on no answer back on my phone. After speaking for a while they only gave me 1 lot of numbers for call divert. I knew when I first had call divert there was 1 set off numbers to divert straight away and then another set for divert on no answer. So I said there should be 2 sets of numbers  1 for each divert  preferred. Then I was told no, they only had one divert and never had divert on no answer . I said that until they cancelled my call divert 3 days earlier I had it on my line. They would check again, no just divert straight away. Ok, I thought I will ring back and speak to someone different to give me the correct divert. After seven or eight calls to there help line over the next day I was given different sequences none of which worked. The last twice I rang them I was told there was definitely no way I could get call divert on no answer on my line.

I came across an old envelope with the sequence written on it. Put it in the phone and hey presto call divert on no answer is now on my landline. Rang up virgin media to inform them that they could now tell everyone that they can have call divert on no answer and gave them the sequence of numbers to give to anyone that wants it.

Why when someone rings up a lot over a short period of time to do something that has been available it wasn't put to someone with a bit more knowledge of what's available. Shocking customer service.


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Re: call divert on no answer. Not available to me according to virginmedia

Agreed, it's a bit like posting about your landline in a mobile phone forum


Smiley Happy no insult intended Smiley Happy

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