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big data & text

Hi, does anyone know how to speak to higher management at virgin mobile, as i keep getting messed around with my complaint. To cut a long story short i have had a problem with virgin pay as u go since April and have had to make a call every month to get the allowance for the ten pounds of credit. They kept saying they had a problem with transferring my daughter onto the big data and text and had to put it on manually with numerous reasons for not being able to sort it. To top it all off this month they took all my daughters credit for a £20 bundle for 100 mins and 3000 texts that i have never requested. Is any one else having this problem, i have a contract phone with them as well but no one at virgin seems to listen or deal with this issue.

Any help would be much appreciated as I've spent a lot of hours on the phone since April just trying to sort this out.

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Re: big data & text

Hi, everything changed in April due to their "upgrade" (poor choice of word).

I was forced to change tariffs on a couple of my family's phones due to them not offering the deal anymore!

My wife has since gone onto their "Big talk". Initially there were numerous problems like you seem to be having. However perseverance with phone calls to 789 does pay off.

A few times I got through to someone who didn't seem to understand what I was talking about & didn't have any clue themselves how to rectify the problem.

However just be polite, hang up & call again... eventually you'll get someone who knows how to do their job.

I managed to always what was get due me eventually + extra minutes or something by way of apology :-)

Bit of a pain but hayho. After a couple of months everything sorted itself out & she now gets all allowances for the £10 top-up.

Just persevere.

AlexKid :-)


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