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bad customer service

I am really annoyed at virgin I ordered a mobile up date phone on the 27/08/2005 and got told I would receive the phone the next day, when I didn't receive a text saying the phone was ready for delivery I checked my email only to find out I had pages to fill out first two hours later and a phone call all was ready I told the person I needed the phone before 11 o clock as it was my anniversary and I was going out with family and friends got told no problem ,so I woke at 6.20 in the morning ready for phone but it didn't arrive until 7.45 in the evening so I had to cancel my plans with family and friends as it was to late to go out ,upon receiving my phone I didn't check it out I just open the back put in sim card and battery in when I felt something sharp on my fingers then noticed there was a crack and the glass had shattered on the top . I Phoned virgin   straightaway and got told no one could help as it was to late and I should phone back on Tuesday as it being bank holiday weekend and no one was working uumm nooo they were working as I found out on the Tuesday so two wasted days trying to sort it out  now a week later I got told cannot have a new phone if I want it repaired  I would have to pay between £75 /£100 .if I dropped the phone or broke it on purpose I would say ok no problem lets get it fixed but I didn't have the phone 15 mins before it was broke .so now it took a week for them to tell me that but I took the phone myself to be repaired and only cost £ a week of wasted time phoning everyday for up to three hours of time and no replys from emails what a way to run a company and customer service what a laugh ,no such thing . 

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