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Your new SIM discount disappeared? Look what I did - New mobile contract missing agreed £5 sales discount

I've just resolved this, but I'm posting here for anyone else in the same situation:

I signed up to Broadband and Phone on Tuesday 11th October 2016, as a cross-sell Virgin outbound sales offered me a then current mobile promotion 5000min + 5GB data for £10/mo reduced from £15.  She told me it was limited availability, probably withdrawn on Friday.  I asked her to email me the details, and I accepted by email, which she acknowledged (see appendix 1 below for the email thread), and I received the SIM soon after.

The normal letters and emails followed from Virgin mobile, stating a rate of £15/mo (missing the discount).  I was obviously concerned.  It turned out that my neighbour had co-incidentally done the same, and had the same problem.  (The ridiculous problems they had with their install was another issue...  It reassured me a little that Virgin actually managed to resolve them quickly).

I called, and spoke to mobile support, who put me through to sales, who put me through to outbound sales, who put me through to retentions, not far off an hour of useless chat to people who said they couldn't help.  

Those team members seemed confused about what I was asking for (i.e. what I'd been offered in the email below), some said the promotion I wanted hadn't begun yet (?!?), so I couldn't have it, but most said that since the promotion was over, I couldn't have it (or at least that there was nothing they could do), and I was repeatedly offered a £10 tarrif as a resolution - last week it was 2500min & 4GB data (sales) then the same plus a £5 discount on my first bill (retentions), then today 2500min & 2GB data.  One referred to the offer as an 'upgrade'.

The most useful information I got was that the promotion was unexpectedly pulled on the Wednesday 'at some point', and so the order that Virgin Outbound Sales in Manchester had sent to Virgin Mobile had somehow slipped through the net (and my neighbour's too on the same day).  I'm not sure if that was true or just them trying to please me.

I called today to complain, prepared to escalate as far as customer rights organisations and the ombudsman if necessary, just to get someone there to recognise that persistently offering poor customer service after a mis-sale isn't acceptable - I've experienced appalling customer services from Virgin before.

For all that I spent about 2h on the phone to Virgin Mobile about this issue, once I actually got through to a manager today, he told me that he couldn't retroactively apply a discount after the sale had been completed, but he could ask his escalation support manager for authorisation - at least that was new.  He was able to see all messages on the CRM, and my emails, and said it was clear to him that I should have the deal, and after 3 minutes on hold it was apparent that his manager agreed, and the discount was applied.

I gave him constructive but strongly worded feedback about call centre staff chosing to promote current mobile offers to me when I was making a complaint, and not escalating my call to actually resolve the issue, which it turned out was a simple thing to do.

Not once during any of the calls I made about this issue did anyone offer to put me through to a supervisor to ecalate my problem. The manager I spoke to today, told me that Virgin call centres (perhaps mobile retentions in this case) have a Customer Focus directive (or some similar name) requiring staff to escalate all calls where they're not able to offer the customer a resolution.  The manager I spoke to today said he'd raise my complaint in their daily briefings.

I'm waiting to see the discount applied to my next bill (he did offer to refund the £5 I've already paid by DD).  As far as I can tell, my problem is resolved.

The manager did say they'd been seeing a lot of complaints about the same issue, so I imagine there may be quite a few people who have had the same run-around as I have - make a complaint and escalate it until you get a resolution, and complain about the customer service you've received if you haven't been offered a conversation with a supervisor.

All the best,



Appendix 1 - Offer email thread

11 Oct

Hello Charlie


As a Virgin Media customer, you are also eligible for our fantastic VIP SIM cards


£5 SIM offer gives you 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB data

£8 SIM offer gives you 1000 minutes, 1000 minutes for 0845 / 0800 / 0870 / 0808 numbers, unlimited texts and 1GB data

£10 SIM offer gives you 2500 minutes, 2500 minutes for 0845 / 0800 / 0870 / 0808 numbers, unlimited texts and 2GB data

£13 SIM offer gives you 5000 minutes, 5000 minutes for 0845 / 0800 / 0870 / 0808 numbers, unlimited texts and 3GB data

£15 now £10.00 SIM offer gives you 5000 minutes, 5000 minutes for 0845 / 0800 / 0870 / 0808 numbers, unlimited texts and 5GB data

£23 SIM offer gives you 5000 minutes, 5000 minutes for 0845 / 0800 / 0870 / 0808 numbers, unlimited texts and 10GB data


If you would like one or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many Thanks


Many Thanks
J | Outbound Acquisition
Virgin Media |  City House, Timpson Road, off Southmoor Road, Baguley, Manchester, M23 9WX
You could also be eligible for are V.I.P sim
£15 per month Unlimited mins, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited 08 calls and 4gb of Data



Thanks J,


How long would the £5 discount remain in effect on this sim?

Do/will these contracts include 4g data? (I couldn’t find any reference to it, but I’ve read that Virgin is rolling out 4g this month)

Thanks again Smiley Very Happy


Hi Charlie

We have been advised that the £5 discount would remain, un less you changed tariff or cancelled the sim, also 4g will kick in once launched.

Many Thanks



12th October

Thanks J,

That sounds like a good deal.

I'd like to take one. Since it's a monthly rolling contract I'll be able to check whether the signal's strong where i need it.

Do you need my details again, or would you add it to the DD?

Either way, sign me up (so long as it's a monthly rolling contract) and let me know if you need anything else from me.

You've got my number.

Best wishes,



12th October



I will have one sent out for you,

You should receive this in the next 5 working days




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Re: Your new SIM discount disappeared? Look what I did - New mobile contract missing agreed £5 sales disc

Well done, my only worry was the phrase " also 4G will kick in once launched" an update on that when it happens would be appreciated