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I took a day off work yesterday to take delivery of my new phone from Virgin.  Unfortunately, I am still awaiting for Yodel to deliver.  No time window was ever provided.  When I called at c. 2.30 pm to ask for an ETA I was told that the number I had called (provided online) was not the team for my delivery area; the delay was due to the lorry fire on the A92 but that my package would definitely be delivered by 9pm.  I asked if I could leave the house for a couple of hours in that case but was told they could not guarantee my package would not arrive during that time.  My package did not arrive by 9pm and I received no response to my text asking when I could expect delivery.  The online tracking has not been updated since yesterday afternoon; I am still awaiting a reply to my text.  I have tried calling Yodel at my expense, only to get an automated response which told me nothing other than I had supplied the correct tracking number.   I was effectively a prisoner in my home yesterday.  My daughter is now stuck in the house awaiting delivery with no guarantee that it is going to arrive any time soon. 

Please can you help.  This is the worse customer service I have ever encountered.

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Re: Yodel

Welcome to the hit and miss world of home delivery.

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