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Xperia M4 Aqua problems battery and network - case damage warranty fix avoided

After reading other posts for this phone were almost identical to mine I had to post. I have seen many bad reports about this phone on the internet and Virgin's method of refusal to fix my phone is disgusting, so i hope others read this and don't buy this phone.

I sent my faulty Sony Xperia M4 Aqua into Virgin as the battery was getting DANGEROUSLY hot and the phone was turning off all the time, also the network signal was on then off all the time. It was still in warranty but Virgin wouldn't fix it. Instead they sent my phone back saying there was damage to the case and that had invalidated the warranty. They also said if I had to pay £66 to fix the case before they would sort the faults out.

When I sent it I KNOW that there was no damage to the case, I look after my phone - I dont even charge it in kitchens or bathrooms and have never dropped it. When the phone was returned there were four ridiculously small pinpoint pressure marks (in a rectangle) with radial thread marks coming out from them on the bottom half of the phone.... and these points were not pinpoint dents pushing downward into the phone but they were bumps UPWARDS coming out of the surface of the phone, as if they had been made from the inside pushing out!!! You can see this if looking at it flat, these bumps are upwards, which I could not have done as it is a sealed phone. Basically I think the case damage was created by the fault or by Virgin to avoid cost and create a £66 charge. The worst thing is that the "case damage" could not have been responsible for the faults I had anyway, as the faults are at the top of the phone - battery and network.

I feel conned so I'm not paying £66 in principle and will revert to an old phone. I do wonder what trading standards experts will think about it when I show them the bumps on my phone.... Well what else can you do?

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