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Wrong Tablet (thinking of cancelling)

Hi there

just upgraded to your sony xperia m4 aqua and tablet deal with the tablet been the Archos 70 Platinum Android tablet instead I received the Alcatel Pixi 3 7-inch WiFi Android tablet which is actually a little inferior to the one stated , so I rang up to ask and when I mentioned the tablet i had recieved the person i spoke to Anna told me I could receive either Tablet with the phone not the one stated on the deal

Is she correct you can dish out any tablet or was I just fobbed off ?

It does not state on your site that any Tablet could be received which I think is misleading to say the least

I have 14 days to cancel this and I might do so and move elsewhere if a suitable explanation is not received


Mr Gordon Webb

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Re: Wrong Tablet (thinking of cancelling)

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your post Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear that you're not happy with the tablet. I've looked into this and I can't see any specific tablet name on our side. Was this on the site when you purchased it?

Let me know when you can.



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Re: Wrong Tablet (thinking of cancelling)

Erm, had a quick look and on this page -
The headline is "Sony Xperia M4 Aqua Black with FREE Archos 70 Platinum Android tablet".
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Re: Wrong Tablet (thinking of cancelling)

Take a screen grab of the web page along with the URL

If you get nowhere with Virgin, Trading Standards may be your next move.

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