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Won't repair phone as it is bent...

Sent phone (Xperia Z1 compact) to repair centre for assessment as had very poor battery life and wifi issues and received a phone call today to state phone repair would cost £120 as it was out of warranty due to damage to phone.

Received a picture of the phone from the technical team and it's a mangled mess - certainly not in that state when I sent it for repair.

Got the standard responses from the 'help' at the other end of the phone pretty much telling me it must have been sent in that state, rude, arrogant and generally unhelpful.

Does anyone have a similar experience and advice they can offer?

Im afraid this has left a very sour taste in the mouth and I'm likely to cancel all Virgin services as a result.




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Re: Won't repair phone as it is bent...

I imagine that the moral of this story is to get pictures of your handset screen (for cracks), moisture indicators and straightness before sending it in for repair.

It's not unreasonable for a repairer to decline to repair a bent phone. If the damage been caused in transit, then the responsibility to sort it out lies with whoever has the contract with the courier.

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