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WiFi Buddy and Arqiva wifi

I believe Virgin have a contract with Arqiva Wifi to provide free access to their network using VM Wifi Buddy.  I used to have free access to their network at Glasgow Airport with Wifi Buddy but the last few times I've travelled through there in recent weeks I can no longer access the network. 


The arq_wifi network has been renamed arq_wifi_x and is now locked and requires a network security key.  Is the arqiva wifi network no longer available at Glasgow Airport for Virgin Media customers to access via WiFi Buddy or is there a fault that needs fixed?  The only public network that appears to be available now is "Glasgow Airport", which only allows 30 minutes free access and requires the input of all your personal details before you can use it.  Previously I was able to connect automatically to arq_wifi with WiFi Buddy and had unlimited use without the need to input any personal details.  I reported it to Arqiva via their website email system but they didn't reply.  


Also, the WiFi Buddy app still has serious battery issues that need fixed.  This has been going on now for months and has been widely reported.  I've seen Wifi Buddy using as much as 33% of my battery running in the background, presumably seeking a signal, and the only way to stop it is to manually stop the service from running.  I've tried all the usual things, deleting cache and data, uninstalling, reinstalling, but it still persists so is obviously a fault with the app itself.  Please fix this.  


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Re: WiFi Buddy and Arqiva wifi

Hi c_smith,


Thanks for your post and I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties using WiFi buddy at Glasgow airport.


Have you checked the map to see where the local hotspots are located does it still show one available at Glasgow airport? In regards to the battery life issue you've noticed other community members have reported this before and usually removing the app and then downloading it again resolved the issue. 


Kind regards



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