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Wi-Fi Connections with Samsung J3 phones

My daughter has spent several hours on phone to Virgin, Samsung & her mobile provider Vodafone to try and resolve the problem of her Virgin Wi-Fi working on her laptops & tablets satisfactorily but on her J3 it works for awhile & then cuts out frequently so she has to switch 2.4 hub off and on again. This is after a large bill from Vodafone for data when she realised her son was using it without checking it was on Wi-Fi. It was automatically going on to data. Finally she got through to Virgin Tier2 technical team and they said she needed a version 3 hub as the older ones often do not work satisfactorily with new phones/laptops etc Having same phone & same problem, I have gone straight to a manager in technical & then to customer services and am promised the new hub for Tuesday. At the same time - and here is the interesting part - they have offered me a new contract (probably a year - I never asked) they offered me a new contract - and instead of it being over £70 a month for phone with call divert, broadband & TV basic - its now £35 with ALL TV channels and a faster 200mb Wi-Fi service. I wait to see if new hub works - but meanwhile I advise everyone to ask if they are paying the lowest rate.....
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