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Why can't I communicate to customer service?

Due to being miss-sold a new account/mobile number (wanted an upgrade, was provided with new phone and new mobile account while keeping original) two months ago, I wanted to speak to someone in customer service. My original bill (two months ago) went up by £20, to about £54 per month. Today, expecting the same amount to be deducted, I checked my bank and there is an extra £24 come out. After phoning up and speaking to a very polite lady who was unable to help and who found it difficult to understand my problem(s) I asked if it was possible to talk to someone on customer service. She said that the only way I could communicate with customer service was to write them a letter. This is ridiculous if Virgin makes the decision to use an Indian call centre then they are responsible for making sure that customers are not punished/worse off as a result of mistakes and misunderstandings made due to language difficulties.  Why can't I talk to someone about this situation where I am being charged £78 per month for a basic mobile account?

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Re: Why can't I communicate to customer service?

Hi Cullers,

my advice would be to call back again and if necessary, politely end the call and phone again.

Eventually there is a good chance of you being answered by someone who is able understand your problem & help resolve it.

Just a case of perseverance I'm afraid Smiley Frustrated

You might also try the Upgrades/Retentions team: 0345 183 1150 open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm; Sat 9am-5pm and Sun: Closed.

AlexKid :-)

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