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When will virgin mobile be getting the Samsung Galaxy S6 in other colours?

I have been due an upgrade for a few months, but chose to wait until the new S6 Edge was released.  I would really like the S6 Edge in either white or gold but it is only available in black with virgin, but all the other networks are offering it in all colours.  I really don't see why I should settle for a colour that I don't really want when I will be paying so much for it and will be using it for the next 2 years.  I will be moving over to a different network in the next week or so if virgin doesn't catch up and offer its customers the same options as other networks or at the very least a date when these will be available. 


Does anyone have any information about these handsets, as when I spoke to someone on the phone they didn't have any idea at all?

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Re: When will virgin mobile be getting the Samsung Galaxy S6 in other colours?

There not getting them, black only online only.

Virgin are a tiny network they cant afford the to buy the stock that would gain them the colors especially when the majority of there customers are the low end spenders.

your best bet is to buy it outright or to switch.

carphone do a great deal on the edge i got mine there, having 4g and not having virgins google throttling has been amazing.

I got the black which is actually nicer than id thought, i wanted gold but for some reason the edge gold isnt gold more aluminium.
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