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When is warranty not warranty ... when its BER

a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time.
"the car comes with a three-year warranty"
My wifes S4 mini died last week and wouldn't switch back on so I went through the onlne help and seemed to have two options: insurance or warranty. Enquired about the former and was told £70 excess so booked it in for a repair. Checked my a/c today and could see the repair marked as BER (Beyond Economic Repair) so gave Customer Services a ring. Was told its apparently BER so if I wanted a working phone I'd have to go thru insurance.
So it  would seem Virgin mobiles definition of warranty isn't quite the same as what anyone would reasonably expect. ie there is no concept of warranty replacement if they cant fix it..
Its seems to me that this is so simple for Virgin. Avoid having to do repairs and avoid replacement costs by simply saying BER
Cant say as I'm happy.
Anyone else had any experience of this?
and avoid cost 


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Re: When is warranty not warranty ... when its BER

If its still under warrenty, and its not a fault caused by yourself I would have expeced a replacement phone of the same standard

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