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When does Virgins hard sell become harassment ?

When a mobile contract is coming to the end Virgin media seem to think its time to start bombarding you with phone calls.

After ignoring them for a week I thought I might as well listen to see what they were going to offer.But they were not prepared to do a deal on a new mobile I liked so I informed them I would be terminating my contract giving them the 30 days notice.

I also added that could they put a note on my file so they wouldn't keep ringing me as I was going to leave to which the lady said she would .

Job done or so I thought ,I should have known better.

Back to today Virgin ring again, off they went offering the same deals as before I declined them again explaining I was going to leave and had already asked them not to ring and to leave me alone.

Not 2 hours later Virgin ring to start reading  the script again .I asked why they were ringing again so soon after being told not to earlier ,to which they said they  didn't know anything about the previous call .We parted ways after I told them again not to ring anymore.

I'm starting to feel harassed not that Virgin seem to care


Roll on tomorrow and let's see how many more calls I will receive !




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Re: When does Virgins hard sell become harassment ?

Technically, the third call is harassment. The first call was allowed, and you requested no further calls. The second call might have been a mistake, people are allowed to make mistakes. You told them again, no further calls. That makes the third call the harassing one.
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