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What it really means to be a virgin mobile customer..

Called virgin mobile 'customer service 789' last Wednesday just passed. Advised phone was broken and needed replaced. Advised that I would have to pay excess fee of 40.00. On top of my regular monthly insurance charge. Fine. Money paid. Was told it will be delivered the following day, Which it was, on an all day delivery between 8am and 6pm. However, virgin sends me a phone which doesn't switch on. So I call back..

I attempt to explain to the advisor that the phone does not work, I have waited in all day for it, and most importantly I have a 5 year old child seriously ill with leukemia and it is imperative that I have a phone.

The advisor I speak with proceeds to cut off the call..

So I dial again..

I go through the same explanation with the next advisor. They put me on hold and cold transfer me to another department in which the next member of staff had absolutely no idea why I was calling. I finally get through to the correct team 'claims', who proceed to tell me that they will send another phone the following day which will be an all day appointment again. 

While my daughter lays in a hospital bed, I stay hanging around home again to receive a replacement handset. It comes. I head back to the hospital. Only to find that the handset doesn't charge. Was charged upon receipt, now won't charge after various attempts.

I am currently sitting by my daughter's bedside typing this on her tablet as she sleeps. I'm completely cut off from the rest of my family who will be frantic wanting to know how my daughter is getting on.

Don't know what to do anymore but will certainly be passing on my story to anyone who wants to hear how virgin treat their customers.





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