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What is promotional web please?

Keep getting messages saying my promotional web is used up... what is it and how do I switch it off?
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Re: What is promotional web please?

Sounds like your on a deal with extra promotional mobile data, the promotional data is used before your standard allowance of data.

I usually get a text saying 75% of promotional data used up, and another one when the promotional data has been used up, I don't think there is way away to turn these alerts off.
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Re: What is promotional web please?

Hi Eve76,


promotional web will be exactly what it says it is. Mobile data that has been added to your account as a promotion.

Such allowances are generally used up first before any tariff allowance that you might have.

If you don't have any mobile data allowance on your tariff and you want to avoid charges I would suggest that you disable (turn off) mobile data in the settings on your device.


AlexKid :-)

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