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Weird phone/signal issues

Hi - I've a really strange issue with my phone with signal


My phone works everywhere except 1 location - where i work. indoor or outdoors i have 5 full bars and a h+ signal but the exclamation mark always on (on my android phone), no data connection and unable to make or receive texts/calls.


I've rebooted, wiped my phone back to defaults, cleaned the sim, but no matter what whenever I'm in this particular area I don't get any signal at all.


I've a different virgin sim and mobile, which work perfectly in that area.


I can put the working sim in my phone and still the same - 5 bars of signal, but the exclamation mark, no data and cant receive or make any calls at all (caller gets silence for about 10 seconds then it goes to voicemail)


this leads me to believe its the phone - however I've picked up a sainsburys (vodafone i think?) sim and it works perfectly, 4 bars and can make and receive calls fine.


on the one hand it must be the phone if fine sims dont work in it in this one area, but if a non virgin sim works in my phone then i dont know?


the affected phone is a sim free Moto G & im on a 30day rolling sim only contract.


Any ideas? as at this rate ill have to port this number off to a different provider? Smiley Sad


This has only been like this for a week or so and before that was perfectly fine.


This is in the NN3 area of northampton.

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Re: Weird phone/signal issues

Hi mike1002,


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear of your predicament with no service at your work address. You weren't lying when you said it was a strange issue.


At first I wouldn't suspect the phone or SIM because you said it works everywhere else fine. I believed this could have been a local mast fault where you work.


I don't have your exact postcode but checked NN3 and this does show one or two affected masts down but there are others nearby which should pick up the slack. On the other hand if the alternate Virgin SIM works then so should this.


At this point I'd definitely recommend contacting our team on 789 from a Virgin Mobile or 0345 6000 789 from any other phone. They'll be able to investigate things further.


I'd be very keen to hear the outcome of this so please keep me posted.



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