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Voicemail on an iphone

It seems Virgin has known about the huge problems its customers are having with Voicemail activation for years - some threads go back to 2010. And yet TODAY, I was still fobbed off by customer support and told my Voicemail WAS activated and that I just needed to follow the instructions after dialling 222.

This is complete rubbish. When I dial 222 I get no options at all relating to activating voicemail and I have been through them all many times. 

One post suggests what's going wrong - when switching to Virgin I carried my old number across. Another customer last year had an identical problem to me and eventually managed to speak to a technician who put right the mess Virgin had made (the Virgin staffer called it "a pickle") when transferring her old number to the new Virgin account. 

Why Virgin customer service staff can't learn from this and solve it for everyone, I have no idea. But I have now spent hours trying to get this sorted - and have missed important messages - and suspect i will now have to go through the ordeal of trying to remember umpteen security questions just to get this all put right.



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