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Voicemail not working

Hi, my voicemail isn't working. If I ring 222 or the no. from my mobile, it says I have no new messages, as if it's set up, but when anyone phones me, they don't get my voicemail as an option. I've called customer services twice today, and both times they've said they've reset it, call 222 in 20 mins to reset then turn phone on and off, but done this and had no luck! Please can anyone help, I rely on my voicemail.
Problem started, when I recently changed from iphone3 to an iphone5S, had to go into Virgin store to get a new smaller sim, but don't know why this would have caused the issues.
Any help will be much appreciated Smiley Happy many thanks, Keith
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Re: Voicemail not working

I would check by logging into My Account on Virgin Mobile. From the Overview page, click on the 'Plan and device' tab near the top. Scroll to the bottom of the page, it should tell you if voicemail is switched on or off.


You can use the 'Manage my services' button to switch services on or off.


If voicemail is off then switch it on, Wait about 20 mins and switch the phone off and then on again.

If voicemail is on then switch it off. Wait about 20 mins and switch the phone off and then on again.

Now go back to 'Manage my services' and switch voicemail on again. Wait about 20 mins and switch the phone off and then on again.


If your voicemail still does not work then check the mailbox number. Put *#61# into the dialler and then press call. After a few seconds you should get a screen that tells you the number an inbound call diverts to when unanswered and the timeout. The number will be in the format +44nnnnnnnnnn. This number is the actual number of your voice mailbox.


Note down the number (keep it safe) and then ring the call centre on 789 and get them to confirm the access number of your voice mailbox. The two numbers should agree. If they don't agree then ask them to send instructions as to how to correct the number used on your phone, or post back here.


You went to a VM store and obtained a new SIM. The new SIM would have had a Virgin number and an associated mailbox number. Your existing number was successfully transferred to the new SIM but something might have gone wrong with the voicemail number transfer. It's possible that now calls are diverting to a voice mailbox that is not yours or not in use.


Worth a shot.

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