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Voicemail issue - can't set it up


I recently moved my number over from giffgaff to Virgin and ever since I've had issues with setting up my voicemail. 

I've "ticked" the option on my online profile and when I dial 222 to complete I get an error message telling me there are technical issues. This issue has been ongoing since last week.

Last night I dialled 789 to speak to someone who said they needed to turn it off and on again on their end. They said it was taking longer than they expected and that they would need to call me back - surprise surprise no call. I logged back onto my account to see my voicemail was now off, so I've turned it back on and dialed 222. Again the same "Technical Issues" voice message!


PLEASE HELP!! Smiley Sad


EDIT: I'm currently using an iphone 7

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Re: Voicemail issue - can't set it up

Ok did you set up voice mail before the port in of your giffgaff number as you should have been told to do?

If not then it can be an issue, I'd call in on Tuesday choose the option for an issue with your phone and ask the guys there to resolve this for you, it might be simple but.............
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