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Vm got any intentions of keeping customers???

Switched from tesco to virgin mobile
Ran out of data month one
Called vm and the guy upgraded my account and have me extra 1gb data - fine

Month 2 ran out of data
Called vm but this time they upgraded my account but won't take effect for another 3 weeks. After much arguing He agreed to give me 1/2 GB

Ran out within a week
Called again and managed to get 250 GB to last me until new month

What's all that about???

Tesco just let me buy bolt on data as and when

Do vm really think their customers are going run data dry for half a month????

I don't want free data
In happy to pay for it
If vm do not have flexibility to bolt on then just let me start/pay for a fresh month whenever I run out
It's so obvious solution any idiot with level 2 customer service would think of it

Vm do have some very strange idea s of Good customer service and it beggars beleive that they are actually successful because there is simply no way that they could exist in a competative market
No way!! So what's going on??

TIVO desperately needs:

1/ Consecutive recording should be made by the ONE tuner not TWO
2/ List programmes by time/date (not channel) - People will watch their favourite film when its on, they wont wait until it's on BBC1 and thats the way it should be displayed
3/ Wishlists should have option to record in SD
4/ Wishlist should be able to find Movie 'Premiers' (where last aired = TODAY)

These could be programmed by a degree student in half a day
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Vm got any intentions of keeping customers???

Hi jethrouk


Thanks for your post regarding the availability of package options on the mobile service.


I do appreciate from what you've said the options we have currently here may be too limiting for your needs as a customer. The feedback you are providing here will be passed on to our mobile teams.


I'm very sorry that we cannot currently support the options you suggested currently but no service is static and this may be something we'd be able to look into for the future.


Thanks again for taking the time to post this and let me know if there's anything else I can look into for you.



Forum Team

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